A loan or a loan for a wedding and marriage? The best offers. Is it worth it

A wedding is a solemn and unforgettable experience that stays in the hearts of the bride and groom and invited guests for a long time. Therefore, for the most beautiful day in your life to be remembered, you must plan it carefully as soon as possible. How much to spend and where to get the money for it? A loan for a wedding and reception is more and more often the proposed financial product by loan companies. Where to find the best offers of payday loans?

Wedding loan instead of a loan

Wedding loan instead of a loan

Do you have a rich credit history full of information about the timely repayment of all existing liabilities? Do you earn good income leaving a lot of “stock” for extra expenses every month? Perhaps a good solution will be an alternative to non-bank services, i.e. a cash loan in a bank! Such a commitment is made without the need to specify a clear purpose, which means that bank financial support can be successful as a wedding loan.

Is it worth taking a loan for a wedding? Undoubtedly, you should make a diligent account of the individual funds of both spouses, assessing with a cool eye how big their financial needs are. It is also worth considering whether a loan for a wedding will not be too much a burden for the budget and, apart from short-term benefits, will not lead us into debt. Before submitting your application and becoming familiar with the extensive market offer, remember to think carefully.

It is impossible to hide, the banking offer is very extensive and extensive, which gives rise to two phenomena. On the one hand, you can feel that it gives consumers a huge selection, perfectly adapting to the needs of the widest possible group of future spouses who need funding for the wedding. On the other hand, the numerous loan offerings can be embarrassing – it will be difficult to find the optimal one efficiently. Our ranking is a great tip as to which loan to choose for your wedding reception.

Wedding loan – is it worth it?

Wedding loan - is it worth it?

It can not be hidden that the organization of the wedding and reception brings a lot of costs. A hall, menu, musical setting, photographer, accommodation for wedding guests – and of course the purchase of a dream wedding dress and suit – these are the most important expenses that await us before this lofty event. So what to do to make it one of the most pleasant moments mentioned? A loan for a wedding and reception is one of the solutions when the bride and groom want to hold a ceremony without the help of their loved ones.

And although each couple of brides can have a completely different concept for this day, both a modest wedding, an intimate celebration for the immediate family, and a grand wedding for several hundred people are projects that “clean” the wallet to the ground.

Wedding and reception costs – what to prepare for?

Wedding and reception costs - what to prepare for?

According to recent research – the 3 most important events for Poles are: the birth of a child, Christmas and a wedding along with a wedding celebration. Each of these moments is a considerable expense. That is why the problem of lack of money affects many young couples. And by no means is it a shame. In the era of more and more sophisticated parties, hardly anyone has the opportunity to finance the wedding and the wedding with their own resources or with the help of parents.

The latest survey by Wedding.pl 1 shows that we spend an average of USD 41,000 to 60,000 on a wedding. Only 4% of respondents are willing to spend more than USD 80,000 for this purpose. Here’s a quick overview of the most important costs:

  • Fee in tax office – average cost, approx. USD 80
  • Wedding rings – from USD 300 up
  • The cost of a church wedding – from USD 200 to USD 1,000
  • Musical setting in the church – from 200 to 600 USD
  • Church decor – from USD 400 to USD 1,400
  • Wedding dress (purchase or loan) – from USD 200 up
  • Suit / tailcoat / tuxedo – from 500 USD to 2 500 USD
  • Hiring a car with its decoration – from USD 200 to USD 2,300
  • Wedding hall rental – average price is around USD 5,000
  • Cameraman – from 700 USD to 1 700 USD
  • Photographer – price per photo from 30 USD to 120 USD
  • Music band – from 1,500 USD to 4,200 USD
  • Accommodation and transport of wedding guests – prices for transport vary and depend on the destination. Usually it costs USD 500-600 for one trip. In turn, accommodation for a double room is at least USD 300.
  • Menu for 1 guest – oscillates between 120 dollars and 300 dollars
  • Wedding cake – from 200 to 1,000 USD
  • Guest invitations – price per item from 1.50 USD to 15 USD

Offers payday loans for a wedding – not as scary as they are painted!

Offers payday loans for a wedding - not as scary as they are painted!

Of course, the list of additional expenses depends on the “momentum” and creativity of future honeymooners. These include, among others gifts for guests and parents, an open bar or rural table at a wedding (or both), wedding receptionist, wedding bouquets, and even the increasingly popular civil wedding in the open air. Some also organize fireworks. The fact is that you can opt out of this, but you might as well cover your wedding expenses with savings or an online loan.

Many people look with a grain of salt at the idea of ​​financing a wedding and a wedding with a quick payday loan. Often, loved ones try to dissuade young people from such a choice. However, a wedding and marriage loan is not a bad idea at all. After all, the Young Couple does not have to borrow a colossal sum, but only for a specific purpose. In addition, young people can start building creditworthiness at the beginning of a common road, e.g. for a loan for an apartment.

Especially for all future spouses, Fine Bank prepared a ranking of friendly loan companies that have beneficial offers of payday loans. We took into account the basic factors:

  • Safe and transparent conditions
  • Fast cash transfer
  • Real low interest rate on the loan
  • No banking procedures
  • First loan option for free with APRC – 0%

Quick payday before wedding – how to take?

Quick payday before wedding - how to take?

The procedure for applying for a loan to organize a ceremony is very similar in every loan company. Here are the most important steps:

  1. Applying for a loan online
  2. Complete the form with your name, e-mail address, telephone number, home address
  3. Identity verification by verification transfer
  4. Creditworthiness test by the lender
  5. Withdraw money to the account

Most loan companies do not require any employment and income certificates. The only thing he can ask for is a bank statement. What’s more – some lenders also offer loans without BIK, which do not verify the customer’s credit history at BIK.

What payday offers should you pay attention to?

What payday offers should you pay attention to?

Responsible borrowing – not just for weddings and weddings, is the key to sound money management. This will finance the necessary expenses without worrying about finding funds to pay it back. So how do you borrow wisely and what to look for? Mainly on:

  • The total cost of the loan
  • Maximum loan period
  • The option of early repayment or extension of the loan

Is it worth using the offer of payday loans for the wedding?

Is it worth using the offer of payday loans for the wedding?

Increasingly, young people are trying to adapt to current trends and make guests feel like a fairy tale wedding. Therefore, the question of whether a loan for a wedding and a wedding is the best idea – each young couple should answer individually.

There is no one right answer, because each of us has a different life and financial situation. On the one hand, couples who have money set aside do not need to use payday loans. On the other hand, future spouses who don’t “overflow” without extra money have no chance for a lavish party.

A wedding loan has its pros and cons.

Advantages of taking payday loans:

  • The organization of the ceremony you dreamed about
  • It is possible to invite more people
  • More choice among rooms, music and menu
  • Part of the debt of the young couple can pay back from the money received from the wedding
  • Building creditworthiness at the beginning of a new life path

Disadvantages of taking payday pay:

  • Beginning of marriage with debt on the account
  • Taking a loan, the Young Couple spends more on getting married
  • The wedding and reception last a maximum of 2 days, and paying back the loan much longer
  • Threat of higher interest in the event of late repayment

What to use a loan for a wedding and marriage?

What to use a loan for a wedding and marriage?

As we mentioned – the funds from the payday loan can be used for any purpose. In practice, the most expenses are consumed by choosing a wedding hall (including reservations), buying a wedding dress and suit, financing a gift for the bride and groom’s parents or paying for a priest and organist. It is not cheaper to order a DJ, orchestra or, if you prefer, a band.

In a word – the pre-wedding list of expenses is “bottomless well”. Therefore, how the Young will organize one of the most beautiful days in life depends mainly on their willingness, expectations and plans for the future. However, in each of your actions you should be reasonable and manage your finances in such a way that if you take out a loan, you can quickly pay back installments and enjoy a shared way of life.

Loans at the customer’s home without BIK – New on the payday loans market

Only a few companies provide loans at the customer’s home, nationwide. Although home loans loans can be found on almost every pole, let alone advert sites. Unfortunately, most of the advertisers in this way usually only deal with the collection of personal data. Even if they borrow money, it is very easy to take a ride on the inflated costs of a loan, a complicated contract that is designed to cheat the customer or fraudulent prepayment. It is safest to borrow from companies that have been on the market for several years and have a reputation with customers, thanks to which you can easily avoid all of the above-mentioned threats.

Advantages of a customer loan at home

Advantages of a customer loan at home

When it comes to the advantages of a home loan, it’s definitely convenient for people who don’t want to provide their details on the online application. This will also interest people who do not have a bank account, or have such an account seized by a bailiff, and the transfer from the lender would be immediately seized. Older people who prefer the traditional contract and repayment method also use home loans. The next advantage is that loans granted at the client’s home have much lower requirements when it comes to creditworthiness. None of the listed companies in our ranking does not check the client in BIK. So if online payday loans are causing someone a “problem” with getting cash, you might want to try loans at home with a representative. It is very likely that the decision will be positive.

Disadvantages of a loan with a representative

Disadvantages of a loan with a representative

As you know, there are two sides to the coin, and the loans with home services also have disadvantages. The first is the higher cost of the loan compared to the online loan. This is because the loan company must employ an additional person who will go to the client and sign the contract with him. Sometimes he also receives monthly installments if the borrower wishes to do so. With online loans, everything is usually done automatically and the lender’s costs are lower, which results in lower loan prices.

So if you have the option of applying for a loan online, it’s worth trying this way first. Thanks to this, we will save on installments loans, and in the case of a smaller amount you can even get the first loan for free.

What should you watch out for when borrowing at home?

What should you watch out for when borrowing at home?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using traditional home-based loans. If you borrow from the company listed in the ranking above, then the first thing to look at is the interest rate on the loan. It’s best to choose the one that offers the lowest, thanks to which we will save a lot of money in your home budget. Another thing is the time we want to spread the loan repayment and the amount that interests us. All companies listed in the above ranking have been on the market for at least several years and enjoy many thousands of satisfied customers. In our opinion, the best choice will be Provident with its self-service loan. In addition to the competitive APRC, the customer has the option of postponing the repayment of the first installment, as well as loans at no cost. Check out more information about Provident self-service loan.

A loan from an advertisement or from a little-known company

A loan from an advertisement or from a little-known company

If you want to take advantage of the loan found on the offers portal or the leaflet, you need to pay attention to the vast majority of factors. First, the content of the loan agreement is important. If it is incomprehensible to us, do not sign it. There has been a lot of talk about the Lord who lost his flat in Warsaw because he borrowed $ 10,000 as collateral. All because of a dishonestly constructed contract and unlawful interest. By borrowing from a little-known company, you can easily be cheated without reputation.

The next thing to consider is the collection of prepayments. Whether for fuel, contract, insurance or any other thing that the owner of the ad will come up with. In 99% of cases, paying a prepayment ends in terminating contact, losing money and deteriorating financial status of the borrower. It should be remembered that all forms of prepayment are forbidden and persons who require them act unlawfully. Another thing to consider is trust in the lender. Can you find any opinions about the company on the internet? Has anyone of our friends used the loan? By answering these questions, we will avoid unpleasant situations. The safest solution is to use proven solutions. We collected such companies in today’s article.

New: home loans

New: home loans

Home loans, in other words loans granted by a customer mixing representative are new to plaster, although they may seem a quite classic solution. The offers of credit bureaus are known for high loan granting, as well as very often lack of verification in the BIK and KRD databases. As a result, more people can afford a loan. However, a necessary condition to obtain a loan without BIK and KRD is to have a salary certificate or other permanent source of income. If you have been unemployed for a long time or are living only on benefits or 500+, you can be refused. Loans for the unemployed are quite a difficult matter. Few loan companies want to work with such clients because they are afraid that they will not have enough money from benefits to pay their debts.

As you know, welfare or government benefits are not the highest. If, in addition to the monthly expenses, a loan installment or additional interest on the payday loan is added, the budget may not be sustainable. In this situation, some people reach for the next loan to pay off their previous liability. Unfortunately, this can be a shot in the knee. You should never increase your debt if you have problems paying your current debit. In a very short time this style of budget management can lead to serious debt and not being able to get another loan. In addition, this often leads to the so-called “credit loop”. This phenomenon is defined when the debtor does not have enough money to pay back the loan or loan installments and he starts to get into debt to pay off the current debt. This process never leads to an improvement in the financial situation, and practically always leads to negative entries in the debtors’ databases and high debt.